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By 3CoSports
Feb. 19, 2019

Cleveland sports fans have a new star to fawn over thanks to the success of Baker Mayfield. With a young core of talented players, the brightest future in the entire NFL might just be in Cleveland. This offseason could be pivotal for the Browns, as they have plenty of cap room, plenty of quality draft picks, and a new coaching staff with the Baker Mayfield seal of approval. A properly executed sequence of additions could very well vault Cleveland straight to the top of the AFC North, especially with the Steelers crumbling and the Ravens and Bengals stuck in limbo.

Make a splash

The rumors of Odell Beckham Jr coming to Cleveland might sound outrageous, but with the draft capital that Cleveland possesses, it might be feasible. Bringing in a receiver of Beckham's caliber could elevate the Browns offense to an elite level, giving เกมส์สล็อตW88后网恋时代的私语因此,本想说Cleveland the best receiving duo in the NFL with Beckham and Landry (assuming Antonio Brown gets traded).

If the team is unable to land Beckham, it could look to make a splashy move in free agency, perhaps signing one of the best available defensive players, whether that player is Anthony Barr, Jadeveon Clowney, Landon Collins, or even Ndamukong Suh. A third potential avenue the team could take to make a splash, could be through the draft, where game changing players like ASU receiver N'Keal Harry, Houston DL Ed Oliver, and LSU linebacker Devin White could be available, all three of whom have the potential to be all-pro caliber players.

Find a solid left tackle, keep Greg Robinson around as a swing tackle

Greg Robinson was never the franchise left tackle that some thought he would be when the Rams selected him at number 2 overall in 2014. Last season, he resurfaced in Cleveland, as an alright left tackle after replacing rookie Desmond Harrison. The team would be wise to keep Robinson around, as he could provide solid depth at tackle and guard, but they should aim to acquire a more permanent solution at left tackle. Signing a player like Trent Brown is a possibility, but I can see Cleveland addressing the position in the draft, with potential starters like Tytus Howard, Michael Dieter, David Edwards, and Dalton Risner set to be available on Day 1 and 2 of the draft.

Find a defensive tackle to play alongside Larry Ogunjobi

We mentioned potentially adding Ndamukong Suh earlier, but the Browns could decide to address that DT2 spot through the draft, especially with the defensive line depth in this draft. Ed Oliver could be a scary fit with the team's defense if he falls to their pick, as he has the upside as a pass rusher to be a truly dominant interior player. Other options include Notre Dame's Jerry Tillery, Miami's Gerald Willis,เว็บพนันW88啊,来吧韦公子 and Mississippi State's Jeffrey Simmons, who could be day 2 picks.