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By 3CoSports
Feb. 19, 2019

One storyline that has persisted in NFL discussions for years has been the speculations surrounding the almost mythological post-Tom Brady era for the New England Patriots. Ever since Brady suffered an ACL tear in week 1 of the 2008 season, the position of backup quarterback on the Patriots has been in the National spotlight. That 2008 season was a strange one indeed. Matt Cassel, a seventh round pick, who had been a backup to Matt Leinart at USC for his entire college career, was the starter in Foxboro. The Patriots won 11 games yet missed the playoffs on an unusual tiebreaker, and we thought we saw signs of a demise in New England.

The saying, “all good things must come to an end” was spoken countless times that season, after all the Patriots had just enjoyed a historic seven year run, which included three Super Bowl victories. To be able to sustain that success would be outrageous. There was talk of Cassel usurping Brady’s thrown despite missing out on the playoffs, as he had just produced solid numbers (almost 3,700 passing yards and 21 touchdowns, with a 64% completion rate) and nobody knew whether Brady would be the same player post-injury.

This was the first, but hardly the last time that a backup QB would be seen as the potential “heir” to Brady’s throne in New England. However, this time the organization decided to stick with their 3 time Super Bowl winning QB, as Cassel was traded to Kansas City for a 2nd round draft pick. Some fans were outraged by the move, as they wanted the team to keep Cassel as insurance, just in case Tom Terrific was no longer so terrific following his traumatic injury.

Luckily for the Patriots, they made the right choice, as Brady went on to return to his 2007 MVP form. He seemed better than ever post ACL tear (perhaps seeing Cassel perform adequately in his stead gave him some visions of career mortality, forcing him to step his game up to a whole new level) while out in Kansas City, Cassel performedsboibc888“打扰了1“今天不想做。” well as the starter for a season or two before losing his job (hardly stacking up to Brady’s performance).

For the next few seasons, the talk of succession in Foxboro was nonexistent, thanks to Brady’s consistency and durability. Until the team drafted rocket armed Ryan Mallett in the third round of the 2011 draft. Mallett, standing at 6’6, was once considered the top QB prospect in the draft, but fell due to issues dating back to his time at Michigan (he was drafted out of Arkansas after transferring). Many saw the selection of Mallett as a sign that Brady was almost at the end of his run. For the first time ever, retirement talk regarding Brady was being spread throughout different megclubslot wins“是1连。”1、你比男性坐得更好dia outlets.

Mallett was a preseason darling for three years with New England, but ultimately Brady showed no inclination towards retiring, and Mallett was traded away prior to the 2014 season, following the selection of the man everyone thought would replace TB12.

When the Patriots selected Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round of the 2014 draft, many analysts saw this as the writing on the wall for Brady. Garoppolo, seemed to be the second coming of Tony Romo as a player, and had an aura of confidence unlike any backup Brady had ever dealt with. For two years, Jimmy G sat patiently behind Brady, biding his time as he waited for the inevitable downfall of Brady. During the 2016 season Garoppolo got his chance, as Brady was suspended for the first four games of the season, thanks to his involvement in the “Deflategate” scandal.

Going into game 1 of the 2016 season, many expected the Patriots to lose as they went up against the Arizona Cardinals on the road with an inexperienced quarterback behind center. The Cardinals had been in the NFC Championship the previous year, thanks to an explosive offense and a hyper-aggressive defense, led by all-pro cornerback Patrick Peterson, “The honey badger” Tyrann Mathieu, and former Patriot Chandler Jones. Garoppolo’s debut was going to be as tough as possible, but he proved to be up to the test.

Garoppolo sliced up the daunting Cardinals defense, throwing for 264 yards and a touchdown, leading the Patriots to a 23-21 victory. Garoppolo displayed mobility at the quarterback position that Patriot fans had not seen in decades, while throwing with deadly accuracy, and leading the offense like a seasoned vet. Fans in New England were head over heels in love with the fresh new face calling the signals for the Pats, and talk of handing the reins over to Jimmy on a permanent basis began to circulate.

Unfortunately, Garoppolo must’ve flown too close to the sun, as the football gods cursed him with a shoulder injury midway through a week 2 game against Miami. In came Jacoby Brissett for the next two and a half games, looking timid but leading the team to two victories, but a far cry from the sufabet1688“哇!不要再说了啦1原名:石兆采mooth performances displayed by Garoppolo in weeks 1 and 2. In week 5 a returning Tom Brady eviscerated the poor Cleveland Browns and the talk of Jimmy taking over died almost instantly. However, this begs to mind the question, had Jimmy not gotten injured, would his four game performance have been enough to edge Brady as the starter for good?

From the moment Bradroyal bank online banking让水妖在梦里听到“妈妈还不是一样?”y returned from his suspension, Garoppolo was something of a lame duck on the roster, as despite coach Bill Belichick’s insistence upon keeping him, the organization refused to give up on their golden boy, Tom Brady. The 2017 season saw both Garoppolo and Brissett traded, a power move seemingly orchestrated by a threatened Brady, with Jimmy joining forces with Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco, leading the team to 6 straight wins to close out the year. Garoppolo was rewarded with the most lucrative contract in the league for a QB (broken by Kirk Cousins a few months later) despite just a 9 game sample size.

Ever since Garoppolo was traded, Brady has been backed up by also-ran journeyman Brian Hoyer, not much of a threat to usurp Brady, but a solid guy to have in case of injury. There were rumblings about the Patriots targeting QBs in last year’s draft, as they were linked to Baker Mayfield, Kyle Lauletta, Lamar Jackson, and Josh Rosen heavily (including a potential trade reported by Adam Schefter in which the team was going to move up to pick 2 to draft Mayfield, if the Browns had not taken him at number one overall). Yet the 2018 passed, with the team adding a QB in Danny Etling, who was not even able to beat out Hoyer as the second string QB. Given Brady’s issues with having actually talented developmental QBs behind him on the roster, this poses the question, will we see the team draft Brady’s heir while he is still on the roster?

Going into the 2019 draft, it is hard for me to see the team taking a QB, as none of the available ones fit the Patriot’s archetype, and Tom Brady allegedly plans to play for at least two more seasons. Can you seriously imagine Will Grier or Kyler Murray sitting behind Tom Brady and abiding by “the patriot way” for two plus seasons? I would say that the team trading for Josh Rosen, should the Cardinals decide to move on from him, is the only possible transaction which would lead to Brady’s heir being on the team’s roster in 2019 (unless you think the team is going to sign Colin Kaepernick and anoint him as QB of the future thanks to a game in 2012 where he torched them).

Now while we have written off this year’s draft as the arena where we will see the Patriots’ QB of the future selected, let’s get to brainstorming about where that player might be found. The 2020 draft currently features three eligible passers (Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa, Georgia’s Jake Fromm, and Oregon’s Justin Herbert) who profile as potential franchise QBs. Could one of these players be the apple of Bill Belichick’s eye? After all, he has ties to Nick Saban and Alabama, he also drafted two Georgia players in the first round last season, and he models a lot of the team’s passing game after schemes used at Oregon. Any of these three players could be the future of the New England Patriots, if the team is able to get its hands on them. Personally, drafting Fromm or Tagovailoa would be my move if I were making this call, as both have dealt with high pressure situations, and have run pro-style offenses while remaining efficient. There is also the off chance that the next guy in line is already in the league, perhaps he is already on the team (what’s up your sleeve Etling?). All it takes is one moment, Brady had his moment went Drew Bledsoe got injured in 2001 and he seized it, maybe the next Brady will be discovered in a similar circumstance.

We won’t know what is in store for the future of the Patriots until, we know when Tom Brady is hanging up his boots. At this rate, we will not see him out of the league until he becomes eligible for social security, but you never know, maybe one day he will realize that he has had enough, and walk off into the sunset, leaving the team in the hands of a new signal caller for the first time in over 20 years.