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By Kelly Hogan
Feb. 18, 2019

The online sports betting predictions关于本书侧写作者第三章作品:47NFL season ended two weeks ago, but the news and storylines never stop. Here are my thoughts on four of the latest happenings in football.

· The Denver Broncos Trade for Joe Flacco … John Elway was a superb quarterback, but he has been a lousy general manager. Aside from having Peyton Manning land in his lap, Elway has been horrendous at evaluating the position he once played. To think Joe Flacco is an upgrade over Case Keenum is laughable.

· Kyler Murray Opts for Football Over Baseball … This didn’t shock me one bit. Murray is coming off of an historic season at Oklahoma, there is more money in football (especially at the quarterback position), and the spotlight is brighter than on the baseball diamond. I would be a bit concerned if I were an NFL team considering drafting him though. How much patience is Kyler going to have if he isn’t the day one starter or if things don’t go his way? Will he opt to return to baseball after a year or two? Quarterback is a very demanding position and if I were considering drafting him I would need to know that he is all in.

· Antonio Brown Demands for Steelers to Trade Him … This was a long time coming. Like many receivers, AB is a prima donna. The soap opera is Pittsburgh will almost certainly be coming to an end. The question becomes where Brown will play next season? I like the idea of New England trading their first rounder for him, but I cannot see the two rivals doing business with one another.

· Kareem Hunt Signs with the Browns … Rightly or wrongly, Hunt is a talented running back and therefore he got a second chance while Ray Rice and some others guilty of assault have not. It certainly helps Cleveland on Sundays to have Hunt in their backfield, but the optics aren’t good.