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By Elizabeth Naves
Feb. 10, 2019

When you think of the south in the United States, you do not think of hockey. In fact, hockey is a "northern" or "yankee" sport. However hockey is on the rise in the south. You can thank the northern transplants, the SPHL, NHL, and AHL.

However, women's hockey is growing with pockets of girls teams and women's leagues. There are no NCAA women's hockey teams in the south. What the NWHL All-Star game can help fuel interest in the sport. This will a prime opportunity for Nashville or some other city in the south to become the first in the region which will help lead the way fเข้าร่วมฟรีFun88“雪?”“你复习了没有?”or growing women's hockey in that part of the United States.

Having lived in the south briefly, the NWHL can help show girls in the southern part of the United States that there is another way to beat the heat besides going swimming or some other indoor activity. Hopefully if the NWHL does not expand in Pittsburgh, it will go south (in a good way!")