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By Elizabeth Naves
Feb. 10, 2019

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

During a recent meetup between the Vancouver Canucks and the Calgary Flames, James Neal took a high stick to the mouth from Alex Biega. The end result was the loss of several teeth.

I know face protection is a source of much controversy in the hockey community but it should be discussed. I get the fact that when you reach a certain age, you have the right to wear a visor(males). For many players, the face cage can obscure their vision and the full face shield feels like a sauna and fogs up quickly.

However, is the pain you will have to endure by being hit in the mouth by a puck or stick worth it? Is spending quality time with a dentist your idea of a good time? Do you enjoy not being there for your team because your visor did not protect your eyes or you have a broken jaw?

Just think of the injuries you could prevent by just protecting your face. I know it is in individual choice but being in pain is not my idea of a good time just because you do not a "windshield" in front of your face. T12bet app一叶乌蓬深圳 1990echnology is improving at a rapid pace and who knows, maybe the hockey helmets of the future will eliminate the need for face cages, face shields, visors, and hybrid visors.